August is crunch time for college admissions.  As summer winds down and school approaches, this last few weeks of summer is the best time for rising seniors to start working on their college applications – and key online applications are live August 1st!

Q. What is the best application to fill out?

Common Application

For students applying to many of the private (and some public) schools in the US, the Common Application provides one application platform for over 700 colleges and universities.  You can fill out one application and send it to multiple colleges.  But watch out, most colleges have individual supplemental requirements, such as multiple essay questions, specific requirements for letters of recommendation, and options for submitting resumes and other relevant materials like portfolios or research papers.

Coalition Application

Similar to the Common Application, Coalition offers a single platform for students to apply to multiple colleges and universities.  The main difference is that there is more space for uploading materials like video, photography, science projects or awards by adding it to a secure “locker” that will be viewed only by member institutions.  Check to see if your colleges are part of the Coalition:

University of California (UC) Application

With over 100,000 applications to some of the UC campuses, why not start filling it out now?  Each campus has a unique personality with a variety of major options.  Check it out and get started today!

Q. When should I start filling out my applications?

Now! When students work with us on their applications early they can project the work that lies ahead – essay work, supplemental materials to send, resumes, and letters of recommendation.

At Colledge, we work with students and families to optimize applications, essays, college lists, and pre-college activity options.  Click HERE to schedule a free consultation.