Should my child apply early to college? What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying in November or January?

Many of our clients have the same questions.  Rest assured, there are no right or wrong answers. Most students can benefit from applying early to at least a few schools.  That’s why it’s so important to get started on an application plan as soon as possible. By getting to know our students early in the process, we discover their strengths and develop a personalized early admission strategy that works for them.

Last fall, Colledge students applied early to over 50 colleges.  And they had overwhelming success – an early acceptance rate of more than 85 percent!

Some schools invite you to apply early.  In some cases, that choice can be binding, like early decision, while other early options are non-binding, like early action.  But don’t worry.  It doesn’t matter yet.  We can help you understand the differences and strategize.  Here are some examples to help you understand the options.

Anthony came to us with questions about early admissions.  He was incredibly bright, had pursued scientific research at City of Hope, and could talk about biological sciences for hours.  He struggled with a learning disability during sophomore year and his grades suffered second semester. Yet Anthony had nearly perfect SAT scores and 5’s on his AP tests.  Here is what Anthony said about our process:

“My first meeting with Jenny immediately cleared up some of the confusion I had about applying early.  And since that day until the day I got into Emory, my dream school, Jenny, Ashley, and James at Colledge all ensured I had the help I needed to not only arrive at the list of schools I wanted, but also to help me send in successful applications to my schools.”

We helped Anthony find the best school for him, where he could pursue his scientific research and apply early decision.  We knew having an early admissions option would significantly increase his chances of acceptance.  We helped him write a short statement about how he grew to manage his learning challenge in the classroom during sophomore year.  And it worked.  We are immensely proud of Anthony!

Some schools offer early action, which tells students whether they have been accepted in December.  Here is what Ben’s mom had to say about working with us.  Her son was accepted to 9 schools, 7 of which were early action schools.

“In choosing the college list, there were many discussions about area of interest (proposed major), personality and study techniques, positive environment, class size, school spirit and more. The essay writing portion of the program was just right. Colledge offered options of group workshops in addition to the one-on-one sessions.  The structure and rhythm of the whole program made the process so much less stressful, and transformed our son along the way.”

By last December, we had such wonderful news. Our seniors were accepted to Reed, Pomona, MIT, Wellesley, CU Boulder, Grinnell, LMU, University of Oregon, and many other schools. Making smart, informed choices along the way, our students find themselves, like Anthony and Ben, way ahead of the curve.

If you would like to discuss how we would work with your child on an early admissions strategy, click HERE to schedule a free consultation today!