If you’re worried about how colleges will view your child’s involvement in activities outside of school, keep in mind: there is no magic formula for the perfect list of activities or the ideal summer pre-college program.

Your child’s interests and natural inclinations are at the heart of finding the best-fit activities and summer programs.  That’s it.  Pretty simple, actually.

Here’s the thing: colleges care more about the quality of engagement with these activities – be it with sports, or volunteer work, or an independent project – than the name of the activity.  Colleges get excited about students who take initiative and make positive changes to better their communities.  They appreciate the qualities students possess, such as persistence, creative thinking, innovation, or hard work, more than the list of activities on a resume.

Young students who are solution-oriented, or who see a problem and engage in a deeper way to connect, are the ones who cause admissions officers to sit up and pay attention.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on activities to make them meaningful.  At Colledge, we can help you find the best pre-college programs across the country.  We can also help your child find something local, within the community, or even at home, that they can get involved with.

Here are some great ways our students have been involved in activities.

  • Tutored younger students
  • Camp counselor
  • Athletic teams (some with leadership, some without)
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Special Olympics
  • Filmmaking for city planning
  • Clean water initiative with Uganda and Vietnam
  • Helped the elderly gain access to biotechnology resources
  • The list is endless…

Here are some of the excellent pre-summer programs our students have attended:

  • Stanford Summer Session
  • UC Irvine Summer Research Program
  • UCLA Engineering Science Program
  • Mathematica Summer Camp
  • University of IL Summer Research for Women in Engineering
  • UC Berkeley Summer Experience
  • CSSSA (CA State Summer School for the Arts) at CalArts
  • RISD Pre-College
  • U of AZ Summer Engineering Academy
  • AZ State Fulton Summer Academy
  • USC Northrup Grumman Summer Engineering Camp
  • USC Verterbi SHINE Program
  • And many more…

Figuring out the best way for your child to engage with extracurricular activities during the school year or the summer can be overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be.  We can expand their horizons beyond what they’ve already tried and help them think outside the box with local (or national) activities and programs.  We can inspire further exploration, and inspire deeper connections.

Working with your child, we think critically about their innate qualities, and come up with ideas that work for them and your family.

If you’re not sure if your child’s resume is developing with college in mind, let’s talk.  I can help you sort out what matters to colleges with extracurricular activities, and what doesn’t really matter.  Click here for a free initial consultation.