If you’re a parent of a rising senior, now is the time for your child to finalize their college list, write essays, and start working on applications. Many students underestimate the time and expertise required to get into the right school. And understanding the realities of how college admissions decisions are really made can make all the difference.

We are immensely proud of our graduates!  Our Colledge class of 2017 found themselves way ahead of the curve with college acceptance results. Those students who applied early were accepted to over 85% of their colleges and 95% were accepted to at least one of their top 3 choices!!

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At Colledge, we meet our students where they are and develop a plan that works for them.  Consider Brian, Amy and Charlie for example.

Brian needed flexibility and support with his essay writing throughout the summer, so we created a highly structured writing calendar for him to make just a little progress every day.  James, our essay specialist, checked in with Brian for a few minutes several times a week.  Rather than sitting in front of his computer staring at the screen, Brian wrote his heart out. Brian was accepted to 10 colleges (!) including his top choice, the University of Notre Dame.

Amy needed a different type of support, along with suggestions for her college list and art portfolio.  We helped Amy expand her list and consider the nation’s top art schools.  We also reviewed her ceramics portfolio, carefully advising her to select pieces that revealed her best work; helped her develop art piece descriptions, art college essays, and reviewed all of her application materials with admissions in mind.  Amy was accepted to almost every college on her list – including her top choice, the Rhode Island School of Design!!  Her portfolio was compelling and her essays were top notch.  So much so that every college wanted her!
(Nice problem to have ☺)

Like Brian and Amy, Charlie had an incredibly busy schedule.  He worked as a docent at his local museum, ran cross country, and had a heavy AP class schedule senior year.  He had so many obligations that he wasn’t making enough time for test prep – and the October ACT test would be his last shot to achieve his desired score. His mother and I discussed Charlie’s time management in detail. Taking the advice to heart, Charlie quit his part-time job to pursue a more rigorous study plan for his ACT – and he received a Composite of 34 – his highest score!  Charlie was accepted to the UC Berkeley class of 2021, where he can pursue his all his passions in Engineering, Art and Architecture.

At Colledge, our team approach is our signature.  Our teams meet regularly to discuss admissions strategies for our students and how to make their essays stand out. Because of our all-inclusive comprehensive packages, and a team approach, our students can meet with us more often and gain valuable insights into admissions trends and likely outcomes.

To learn more about how your child can make the most of their college planning, come our free workshop “Summer’s Here.  Are You College-App Ready?” on June 1st.  Learn more and RSVP HERE.