As a parent, you may be curious about how admissions officers really make decisions. In the end, what are the most important factors that lead to college acceptances?

These days, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to getting accepted at highly selective colleges and universities. Perfect grades and the highest board scores are not always enough to secure a spot at that dream school.

You can no longer rely on your own college admissions experiences as a realistic guide for your child.

You can tour a college campus to gain first-hand knowledge about programs, campus life, and students. But that might not give you the insight you want. What if you could take a guided tour inside the mind of an admissions officer and understand how they make decisions?

You can!

Join us on Thursday, March 8th, at Colledge for an exclusive look “Inside the Mind of an Admissions Officer,” during a free session for parents and students. I’ll share what I learned as an admissions officer for Caltech, UCLA and Scripps College, and explain what it really takes to get into colleges today. Click to learn more and RSVP.

At Colledge, we understand the intangibles in the admissions process; we know how to help you and your child navigate this confusing and ever-changing process.

Don’t miss this interactive, insightful session. Participants will receive an invaluable college planning checklist to help them stay on track with deadlines.

Find out how your child can make smart, college-oriented choices today that will inform their future college prospects and increase their options. RSVP here.