If you would like your child to write powerful college essays, don’t miss my next free workshop, “Nailing the College Essay,” on September 7th.  We will discuss the University of California personal insight essays AND the essays for the Common Application, which is accepted at more than 700 colleges and universities.

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The truth is, beyond grades and scores, the essay is the single most important piece of material in an application, illuminating a student’s true talents, shedding light on special strengths, or sharing an incredible personal story.

When I worked in the Caltech admissions office, perfect grades and scores were only the first hurdle.  The bigger hurdle was writing effective responses to our essay prompts.  Their quirks and unique math, science or engineering qualities conveyed in these essays would make an applicant stand out to me.

Even if your child is a strong writer, that isn’t always enough.  One of our students, Danielle, was already a good writer.  But when we brainstormed with her early on, we worked on several writing exercises to get her on track with content first.  She was driven and hard-working, and through our writing process and Essay Bootcamps, Danielle became a fierce writer.

We helped Danielle find her voice and develop her thoughts on gender equality, gay rights, being of Jewish heritage, and her academic passions for economics and politics.  Danielle took our feedback seriously, and was wildly successful.

Through our writing process, Danielle discovered who she was and knew what she wanted to communicate.  Danielle will be a member of Wellesley’s class of 2021, and we are immensely proud of her!

Admissions is a moving target. It is unpredictable and harder than ever to forecast exact outcomes. But there are things your child can do to maximize their potential with college applications.

At Colledge, we help students create individualized calendars with deadlines for each essay and application. We include time for strategic essay brainstorming, writing rough drafts, rewriting, editing and polishing essays.

On September 7th, we will discuss how students should approach the essay writing process so that they stand out to admission officers. I will provide attendees with powerful writing tools to keep them focused on the task at hand.

You and your child don’t want to miss the “Nailing the College Essay” free workshop!

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